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A lot of Elvira's history is a complete mystery to us but what we can tell you is that she's a rambunctious, chatty little cat who is very affectionate, but prefers it when that affection is on her own terms.

When we first heard about her, it was from our local veterinary office where she had been brought in after being hit by a car. At that point, they weren't able to tell us more than the fact that she had a broken jaw and they wanted to know if we were able to take her or if they were going to have to put her down. Luckily, we had the space for her, so they did surgery to fix her jaw and she was with us the very next day!

Since she's been with us, its very obvious that she was a loved cat. She immediately was friendly with our staff and wasn't afraid to let us know when she wanted attention! She's fully healed now and is doing well in our cat room with a singular buddy, but with think she would do well in a home with chill other cats or as a solo cat so she can have all of your attention. We haven't tested her with dogs yet, but think she would do fine with one if the dog was used to being around cats.

Personality-wise, she's super confident and loves to hang out with people, but will let you know when she's done getting pets and will wander away to snooze in the windowsill.

If you are looking for an easy going cat to chill with, Elvira's your girl!

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