Dixie's Litter

Species: Fancy Rats

Age: Babies

Story:When we pulled three female rats from the ACC, we never thought we would end up with 9 total!

It turns out Dixie had been keeping a secret from us! On 3/13, her foster came home from work and found a teeny tiny surprise waiting for her in their cage, a teeny tiny baby! Over the course of a few hours, five more babies appeared, making 6 in total. Since then, they've just about doubled in size, their markings are starting to show and their coat is starting to grow in.

Right now, our best guess is that we have 3 boys and 3 girls, but it'll be easier to tell as they get older.


They're not available for adoption yet, but we'd love to have families ready for these little ones to go to when they're ready! Click below to fill out an application, and get pre-approved! That way they'll be ready to go home with you April 10th!