*This dog is courtesy listed, meaning she is currently not with Wayward Ranch, but our rescue is helping to find her a home. If you are interested in adopting her, submit an application at waywardranch.org to be put in touch with her current owner. 


Darla is a 15 month old sweet and smart dog that lives to please. When she is outside and one whistles or calls her name, she runs super fast to come inside and sit in front of you to be pet and told how wonderful she is! She came from a family that didn't have time for her and she was left to fend for herself amongst the big dogs. She would gobble her food without chewing and was protective of her food bowl at anyone who came near. She now eats at a reasonable pace in the safety of her crate so she doesn't feel threatened. She loves the safety and security of her crate. When everyone is out for the day she lazily sleeps in the crate and upon your return she is all wags and licks to let you know she was good. On a nice sunny day she can be found curled up in a sunny spot soaking up the sunshine and doesn't move out of the way as the sun feels so good!

Darla is a diva and needs to be the only pet in the household. She has been trained with an electronic collar as chickens were just too tempting to chase. Responds well to the voice in charge which is me, her biggest fan. But she lives on a farm with three other dogs and she needs to be the only pet and in an adult only home. There have been arguments with the other dogs over dog chew toys, a slice of bread in someone's hand and even goat poop. She lives amongst cats and chickens....a horse, goats and a donkey, all of which she has learned to respect. She can be told "leave it" and she does! Darla has shown how trainable she is, and she has begun obedience training on a leash. She really prefers to sniff the ground but a treat in the hand every once in a while, is worth training for. She likes nothing better than doing barn chores on her day out and running after the ball even finding it in the snow! Then when she comes back inside, she is content to sleep by your side or follow you all over the house. She is protective of her home but will calm easily to the words..."that's enough". If she is uncomfortable with strangers she tends to go into her crate where she feels safe. When she does get into trouble, she bows her head and jumps into her chair.  

As an only dog in an adult only family, she would be exceptional. Her willingness to protect and accept love is overwhelming and all she lives for. A fenced in yard for her to run and play would be beneficial to her energy first thing in the morn. Darla needs a a very dog saavy person who understands how to handle a strong-minded dog that just wants to be loved at all costs. Darla will do well with someone who is willing to continue her training so that she can prove her love and devotion to them with her willingness to please. 


Apply today to adopt Darla at waywardranch.org. Her current owner would prefer she goes to a family with a fenced in yard, but they are open to other home environments as well.