Daine is one of the coolest kittens we have had in a long time. She came with her two siblings, Numair and Onua, after being surrendered to a vet hospital. When they first got to us, Daine was in rough shape. All three siblings had an upper respiratory infection (which is common for kittens to have) but hers was so bad it was also affecting one of her eyes and while we think she can see a little out of it, she is mostly blind in that eye. She later developed another infection that took a while to clear up, leading us to believe she might be immunocompromised, so that is something that will have to be monitored as she ages, but she's completely recovered from that infection and will be ready to go to her forever home as soon as she's spayed on Sept. 20th.


Personality wise, she LOVES to play and run around our cat room, playing with the others and causing a good amount of mischief. She's a high energy cat who's looking for a family that will love her for her playful spirit and will encourage it to grow as she does. She absolutely loves to chase catnip toys around and can easily keep herself entertained for hours with a good jingle ball.


She does great with her feline friends and would do well with dogs after slow introductions since she's still timid around them right now. If you are interested in adopting Daine, the first step would be to fill out an adoption application at the link below!