Age: Approximately 13-18 Years Old

Size: Large Horse

Breed: Appaloosa

Color: Chestnut Snowflake


Riding Ability: Well trained in dressage, light jump experience 

Driving Ability: Unknown

Requested Adoption Donation: Undetermined

History: Don't let his name fool you! Lucifer is an absolute gem! 

He's great under saddle and is mainly trained to do dressage but knows a little about jumping. He is experienced inside and outside a ring and loves to go on trails. He needs a rider with light and gentle hands otherwise he starts to throw his head and resist. He knows all the dressage moves but makes you ask for it correctly or he won't cooperate. 

On the ground, he can be a little strong leading, so he needs a more experienced person for that, but everything else he's great for! He trailers well, is great for the farrier and stands well on cross-ties!