Local Animals First Program

Learn more about our Local Animals First Program, and if you want to donate specifically towards helping us support this program, make sure you mention that in the comment section of Paypal's donation page.

What is the problem?

There is a huge pet overpopulation problem in our country, which leads to hundreds of thousands of animals dying in shelters across the country each year. Right here in our backyard we have the Animal Controls of New York City, where many animals are placed on the At-Risk list for behavioral or medical problems and later euthanized if no one comes forward to save them. Down South there are large populations of stray dogs that are not spayed and neutered. This leads to large numbers of puppies being in need of homes. Instead of choosing to only accept and adopt out locally sourced animals, many Northern shelters are now opting to ship up Southern puppies for adoption. They find that they are able to find homes for the puppies much faster than the adult dogs, but this leaves our local animals in need desperate for help. 

What is our solution?


Wayward Ranch is 100% committed to assisting with local animals above all else. We do not bring puppies up from the South and focus instead on rescuing the forgotten local animals and finding them loving forever homes. 

What animals are helped by this program?

The following types of animals are helped by this program: 

  • Animals that are pulled from local municipal shelters and brought to Wayward Ranch to receive more individualized attention prior to adoption.

  • Local owner surrenders. 

  • Local stray animals. 

How do donations help us to continue this program?

Your donations to this program will go towards providing veterinary care in the form of spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations and microchips to help prepare our animals for adoption. 

Donations also help us to provide daily care in the form of food, enrichment, and basic veterinary care to the animals that we rescue. We also utilize donations to help transport animals from local municipal shelters to Wayward Ranch.

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