Montana - Not Yet Available

Age: Approximately 9 Years Old

Size: 16.1 Hands

Breed: Thoroughbred

Color: Bay

Weight: 1200 lbs

Riding Ability: Currently in training, will update with riding ability.

Driving Ability: Unknown

HistoryMontana came to us from a breeding operation after a life on the racetrack under the name "Money Game." Her whole life she was used only as a vessel of human greed, first as a race horse, then attempted to be used for breeding to produce and sell her offspring. She refused to be bred, however, no matter what techniques were used to force her, so she ended up coming to our rescue. 

We are so glad she did, and immediately renamed her Montana, because she will never again be known as "Money." She is an individual and worth more than the money she can make for humans. 

Montana, like most off the track thoroughbreds, has a journey ahead of her in rehabilitation. We are lucky enough to have a great trainer working with her who has high hopes for her future and potential! Her whole life she has been taught to go, go, go, and now we want to teach her to listen and be responsive in a different way as a companion and riding horse. We hope that she will soon be ready for adoption, but want her to make some training progress before we make her available for adoption.