Medical: Spayed, Microchipped, Vaccinated 

Age: 13 Years Old


Babbette is a strong, independent dog who don't need no man!

She lost her left eye to a cat (and parts of her tongue!) but doesn't let that slow her down!

This confident little dog lived a happy life for 13 years before her owner surrendered her to a shelter in the city simply because she was getting older. Babbette doesn't enjoy the company of other animals and would much rather chill on the couch watching tv with her person than play with other dogs.

Medically wise, Babs is missing most of her teeth from dental disease and has a minor progressive heart condition. This condition doesn't restrict her exercise and it isn't bad enough for her to need to be on medication, but it is something that will need to be monitored for the rest of her life. There is a chance that it will get worse as she gets older. 

It seems like she wasn't introduced to many new people in her previous home and starts off shy around strangers. She would definitely prefer a female owner since she stays pretty aloof towards men but has warmed up to her foster-mom considerably! Once she trusts you, she'll do absolutely anything for you but is perfectly content just hanging out and just being near her person. She isn't a fan of fast movements or loud noises, so she wouldn't do well with children but would thrive in an adult only home!

She is mostly housebroken and is 100% wee wee pad trained.

Babbette absolutely loves treats and soft beds, and would love a home with plenty of both for the rest of her life!