Medical: Neutered, Microchipped and UTD on Vaccines. Takes daily heart medication that we will cover the cost of for the rest of is life!

Age: 5-6 Years Old

Story: Frankie was brought to a veterinary hospital by his owner right before Christmas. The owner claimed Frankie had cancer and wanted to have him euthanized. After an exam, the vet discovered that Frankie was cancer free, but his owner insisted that he wanted him euthanized. We were contacted and asked to take him in, and once we saw his face, how could we refuse?

Frankie clearly lived a life of neglect with his previous owner. He had pressure sores on every leg, developed after years of living on hard surfaces, likely outside or in an unfinished basement. He had large patches of skin missing because he had a skin allergy that went untreated for so long it developed into a skin infection. He had GI problems that made it difficult for him to put any weight on. He also had hip pain in both back legs as well as improperly healed ligament tears in both back legs from lack of veterinary care. When we met him he weighed just 40 lbs, when he should be at least 55-60 lbs. Finally, we discovered he has a heart condition, mitral valve endocarditis, which he will need to have treated for the rest of his life. 

Long story short...Frankie came to us a medical hot mess due to obvious and inexcusable neglect, but let's not focus too much on his past here. Instead, we'd rather focus on who he is today and what a bright future he has ahead of him!

Frankie has made an incredible transformation since he came to us last year. With a proper diet he now weighs 60 lbs and no longer has any GI problems! With proper exercise and joint supplements his legs no longer cause him pain! With the proper heart medication he can run, play, swim, and do anything else he may want to do! This boy has an unmatched ability to love and forgive. He melts into people and soaks in every little bit of love and affection he can get. He loves to give kisses and curl up on the couch for a long movie, complete with belly rubs and cuddles! He is dog friendly with large and small dogs and loves going for walks. 

Frankie has come so far, and now it is his time, his turn to find a forever home that will treat him as he deserves! He will be your best friend, your co-pilot, your therapist, just come and meet him and you are sure to melt into his gooney eyes! We are here to help and WILL COVER THE COST of medications and treatment as necessary for the rest of his life for his preexisting conditions. 

If you think you may be Frankie's hero, please reach out to us. If you are unable to adopt or foster Frankie, please consider helping to sponsor his medical care for just $25/month!