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Clem has been waiting over a year to be adopted. Please read her story below and if you think she is the perfect addition to your home, submit an application! If you are not able to adopt her, please consider sharing her story and helping us find her the home she deserves!


Clementine lived her whole life with one family. They brought her to the NYC Animal Care and Control shelter when she growled at the 3 year old child in the home. However, they said she had a wonderful relationship with the 8 year old, so it seems that something must have happened to prompt that response from her. After arriving at the ACC, the stress and noise of that kennel environment broke her spirit and she was put on the list to be euthanized. We saw her face and knew we had to step in. 


When she first arrived to her foster home, she was still very shut down, as many dogs are after being given away. A week later she gave us her first tail wag, the next week she finally requested affection, and from there the spark in her eyes has continued to grow brighter. Now, over one year later, Clementine is unrecognizable from the dog who first came to our rescue. She is no longer shut down, and is confident and playful. She is truly ready for a home and our 2022 wish is that she finally finds the family she deserves!


Clementine is a beautiful soul, who loves car rides, sleeping in front of the big window in her foster home, and playing with toys. She is great at fetch, loves going on hikes, and bonds strongly to her people. She is very smart, eager to please, and is a wonderful companion if you are still working virtually from home, often popping up in video chat work meetings with her foster family. She has come such a long way with her socialization with people and other dogs. She now will shake paw for anyone she meets and she has many dog friends in her foster home! We'd love to see her be adopted as the only dog in a new home, so the attention could all be on her, but she would love to have playdates with other dogs!


Clementine deserves and will need a family willing to commit to her and stay committed. Clementine can be sensitive, especially to change, so being adopted and returned could be very hard on her. For this reason, we want to be sure her new family is ready to continue her training program, so that her adoption can be successful. 

Her adoption donation has generously been sponsored by Beans for Bullies Coffee Co (@beansforbulliescoffeeco)


If you think you are her perfect fit, please apply below: 

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