We usually find the cats that come to us, whether its through owner surrenders or through other rescues, but Cheddar actually found us, literally!


Cheddar appeared in one of our staff's yard one day as a super friendly stray. She wasn't sure where he came from or what his story was, so she set out to find if he had a person or if he had been dumped. We gave him a collar and attached a note to it with a contact number on it. Soon we got a call from an elderly woman in the area who said she had found the note and let us know a little more about Cheddar. 


He had once been a house cat who belonged to her neighbors, but when they moved away, they didn't take him with them and she had been feeding him ever since. She didn't have a car of her own and wasn't able to take him for vet care, so when he developed an ear infection, she surrendered him over to us so we could get him the help he needed and he's been with us ever since!


We're working on getting his ear infection taken care of and would love to have a home lined up for him once it's fully healed!


He is a big ol' mush who just wants to hang out with someone all day. Our vet estimates that he's around 7 years old, based on his teeth. He's one of the laziest cats we've had in a long time and would rather spend his days napping and hanging out in the windowsills than rough-housing with our younger cats. He came to us not really knowing what toys are and while he's figuring it out, he plays for a little bit and then goes right back to napping. 


If you are looking for a chill cat to keep you company, Cheddar's your cat!