How adorable is Mr. Cap?? This sweet boy actually was with us when he was just 3 days old, when he arrived with his mom and the rest of his siblings. We raised them and at 8 weeks old he found an adoptive family we hoped would be his forever home. Unfortunately and through no fault of his own, he is once again looking for a forever family. Cap's adopters have nothing but good things to say about him. They let us know that he is still such a good, sweet boy, who loves people and other dogs. He has been working on his housebreaking and has improved a lot with that the last few months, but would need a family to get him on a consistent schedule and finish off that training. 


Cap, like his mom and siblings, is what we would call a pocket pit. He is 35 lbs, and likely won't grow too much larger (mom is about that size fully grown). He has energy to play but also loves to cuddle after a game of fetch!


If Cap sounds like the perfect pup to join your family, apply to adopt or foster him today!