Big, beautiful Bertha is ​such a cool, fun dog! She is a young (2-3 years old) Mastiff Mix. Her DNA test showed that she is a mix of Cane Corso, Dogue De Bordeaux, Neopolitan Mastiff, and Rottweiler. For that combination she's actually pretty small at just about 80 lbs, but she is a strong girl with a mind of her own so a mastiff experienced family would be best for her!

Bertha came to us several months ago after she was abandoned in NYC on a 100 degree day, tied to fence for hours without water or shade. By the time she was found and brought to animal control, she had heat stroke. We saw her photo and knew we had to help her. When she came to us she was in terrible shape. Her skin was raw and she was missing large patches of hair. Her pallet was elongated, making it very difficult for her to breathe. Her vulva was also recessed, causing recurring urinary tract infections. We spayed her and at the same time we also did a pallet surgery and vulvaplasty. She took a few weeks to heal, and we began treating her skin issues. At this time it seems her skin problems began with allergies that were never taken care of. She is now on a fish based diet and has done very well getting medicated baths. Her fur has not grown back completely, and it may never grow back completely in some spot. Regardless, she is still one of the most beautiful dogs we've ever met!

Once we tackled Bertha's medical concerns, it was time to behaviorally prepare her for adoption! Bertha is a sweetheart and doesn't have a mean bone in her body, but she is a bull in a china shop on her best days! We knew adopting her out without basic obedience training would make it more difficult for her adoptive family to manage her when she first goes home, so we paired up with Allied Dog Training for her to spend a month with them at boot camp. 

Bertha is now finally ready to find her forever home! She is a true diamond in the rough and will bring so much joy to a new family. So far she appears to like other dogs, but would likely be happiest in a home as an only pet. She loves humans of all ages, but due to her size, energy level, and strength, we'd like her home to be with kids 13+. All she wants is a big yard to play fetch in all day long (tennis balls = life!) and a comfortable cough to cuddle on with her new family!

Requested Adoption Donation: $250

We are grateful to have had several wonderful photographers donate their time and skill to photograph our animals and their lives here. While many photos on our site were taken by WRAS Staff Members, others were taken by:

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