We'd like to introduce you all to a very special dog named Bear. We first met Bear in 2018 when his family contacted us looking for help. They've owned Bear since he was just a little puppy and have loved and cared for him all of his life as his only family. They did everything right. They taught him commands, fed him the best food and gave him all of the love they possibly could. They never hurt, abused or neglected him. They have been model dog owners...and yet Bear still is a dog with behavioral issues. 

When their son was born, they took precautions to allow him and Bear to cohabitate safely, while also not allowing Bear's quality of life to suffer. However, they realized that the risk of human error when dealing with dogs and children is too great and they recognized it was in Bear's best interest to go to a Sanctuary. Our Executive Director agreed to foster him as soon as we were settled at the Ranch. When  they moved to a new house a little while later, the stress of the move led to Bear biting his owner and they were no longer about to keep him with them until we could take him in. 

Still, his family refused to give up on him.


They paid to have him stay at a boarding facility where he was safe until we were ready for him, and visited him frequently. 

Since he's been with us, Bear has definitely made himself at home here at Wayward Ranch, fostered by our Executive Director. We absolutely adore him and have him on a medication regiment that seems to really help alleviate his anxiety and help him relax. He has bonded with us here and spends his days running around the fields, getting brushed, and giving plenty of kisses.

Many people may not understand why his family or our rescue would work so hard to save this dog with a bite history when they are so many dogs without issues in need.


However, dogs like Bear are the reason we began this sanctuary to begin with, and in our opinion his behavioral special needs don’t make him any less deserving of a wonderful life. Yes, he's a dog with aggression, but his behavior can be safely managed for the rest of his life, maybe not in a home environment, but in a sanctuary facility with professionals, Bear can live a long and happy life without the concern of him hurting anyone.


We strongly believe dogs like Bear deserve that chance, and we are excited to have him in our Sanctuary and with our Wayward family!