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Badger is about 1-2 years old and we think he may be a pit bull/husky mix (but honestly your guess is as good as ours!). He was originally purchased as a puppy but kept in a crate most of the day so he never learned appropriate manners or socialization. Eventually he became too much to handle and was surrendered to our local dog warden. In the kennel he struggled with high energy and anxiety making him a leash chewer and very mouthy and he was determined to not be a candidate for adoption. We agreed to take him on to give him a chance at a new start and are so glad we did!

Badger is now fully obedience trained and while you may have to remind him, he does have fantastic manners! He is a cuddle monster who just loves to play outside and he would do wonderfully with an active family! No young children for him due to how rambunctious he can get with someone who doesn't enforce his boundaries, but he does ADORE kids! He has done well with the dogs he has met aside from being a bit of a loudmouth when he plays, and that can be overwhelming or overstimulating for some other dogs so he may require multiple meetings if you have another dog at home. He is fully housebroken, crate trained, loves to ride in the car, walks well on leash...we could keep going, but at this point just come meet him and see how cool he is for yourself! Apply to adopt him today!

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