Alice is an adorable 2 year old Saanen/Alpine goat mix who would love to find a new forever home!


Alice originally came to us from a local dairy farm that decided to find her sanctuary as she did not fit into their herd with her horns. She came to us with her friends Gretl and Liesl and the three were adopted some time later. Sadly they were returned recently to our rescue due to their owner having medical concerns that stopped her from being able to care for the girls long term. They were very loved in their adoptive home and we have high hopes they will be as loved in their next home together.


Alice was so timid during her first stay with our rescue but she is so much more social now! She enjoys gentle pets, nose boops, and the occasional hug. She is younger than her bffs so she would like to request to have a few more goats to play with in her new home, but she also is extremely bonded to Liesl and Gretl so if there are no other goats, she'd be happy just to have them! If you think the girls are a good match for you, apply to adopt them at the link below!