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2017 Summary

2017 has been one busy, stressful exciting, amazing year and we are so glad to have shared it with our amazing volunteers, fosters, and animals. We could not have saved as many lives as we did without the help of our community, so we would like to thank you all so much! Take a look below at our rescue statistics for the year 2017:

Animals in Rescue in the beginning of the year: 5

Animals brought into Rescue in 2017: 69

Total Animals Helped: 74 (11 Cats, 46 Dogs, 2 Ferrets, 7 Guinea Pigs, 3 Rabbits, 4 Pigs, 1 Horse)

Dogs: 21.7% (10 individuals) of our dogs were purebred. 65.2% (30 individuals) were pit bulls or bully breed mixes. 

We fostered out a total of 42 animals to volunteers. 

Animals in the Rescue at the end of the year: 19


Animals Adopted Out: 53 (33 Dogs, 7 Cats, 7 Guinea Pigs, 2 Ferrets, 3 Rabbits, 1 Pig)

Animals Returned to Rescue: 3

Permanent Sanctuary Animals Added: 3

Animals Euthanized (Medical): 3       Animals Euthanized (Behavioral): 1

Animals Rescued from Online Sales: 30

Animals Rescued from Livestock Auctions: 1

Animals from Local Owner Surrenders: 14

Animals from Local Shelter or Veterinary Practice Transfer: 8

Stray Animal Intake: 9

2017 Adoptions:

Average Length of Stay for Adopted Dogs: 27 Days

Average Length of Stay for Adopted Cats: 71 Days

Average Length of Stay for Adopted Guinea Pigs: 12 Days

Average Length of Stay for Adopted Rabbits: 140 Days

Average Length of Stay for Adopted Pigs: 12 Days

Average Length of Stay for Adopted Ferrets: 1 Day

Medical/Behavioral Care:

Animals Spayed/Neutered: 39

Animals Vaccinated: 39

Animals Microchipped: 41

Medical Special Needs Animals Provided Care: 13

Senior Animals Provided Care: 5

Behavioral Special Needs Animals Provided Care: 18

We will see you in 2018 and thank you for your continued support to save lives!

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